A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 1931 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1931

“It’s strange, what are they doing in the direction of Japan?”
“Do you want to take advantage of it?”
“Unify Japanese martial arts in one fell swoop?”
The Juggernaut and others looked at the distant figures, suddenly wondering.
Today’s Japanese martial arts, after Ye Fan’s slaughter, can be said to have been greatly injured. At this time, it is the time when the Japanese martial arts power is the weakest.
Therefore, the Juggernaut had to suspect that these people wanted to take advantage of the emptiness and unify the Japanese martial arts in one fell swoop.
“However, are they not afraid of monthly reading?”
“Today’s Japanese martial arts, although the high-end combat power is almost completely compromised.”
“But the strength of Yuedu is definitely not to be underestimated.”
“After all, this is the only one in the world who might touch the gods?”
On the shore of the East China Sea, the Juggernaut looked at the vast distance with solemn eyes and deep gazes.
I don’t know why, Juggernaut always feels that something big is about to happen.
“The King of Fighters, what are the big moves in Japan recently?”
The work of collecting intelligence from various countries is mainly in the management of the King of Fighters.
Therefore, the Juggernaut turned his head and asked in confusion.
The King of Fighters shook his head: “Chu Tianfan and Xuezhao, after the first battle at the top of Japan, nothing notable has happened in Japan.”
“At most, it’s just such small things as the sinking of a cruise ship and frequent earthquakes.”
“Huh? That’s weird. Why do these people go to Japan?” The Juggernaut listened, and his heart became more and more confused.
At this time, the news of the sinking of a Japanese cruise ship has undoubtedly broke out.
But it didn’t attract many people’s attention.
After all, before this, few people knew that Ye Fan was on this cruise ship.
“Send someone to look at it.”
“At least figure out the intentions of these people.”
With a simple command, the Juggernaut and others also returned to the Martial *** Temple.
However, they did not relax their vigilance, but sent intelligence personnel to monitor the movements of these people.
Later, they discovered that these people had stopped near the sea after they went to Japan.
Then, these people scattered all around, seeming to be looking for something on the sea.
Just like this, one night passed quickly.
The next day, just after dawn, a news came out from the land of Japan.
Chu Tianfan, who had just swept through Japan and reached the eleventh place on the list, has fallen!
At first, the news spread only in a small area.
Moreover, when I first heard it, people in Japanese martial arts thought it was a rumor.
“Chu Tianfan is dead?”
“That’s the master of the sky list. Xuezhao lost to him. Would he die so easily?”
“Yes, stop making trouble.”
“This Chu Tianfan became famous in a battle, and the limelight is flourishing.”
“Now the world’s major martial arts organizations are poaching him, and I want to invite him to join.”
“It’s too late for the strong from various countries to flatter him?”
“Who will kill him, who can kill him, who dare to kill him?”
In Japan, many warriors scoffed at the news.
Similar posts appeared on the online warrior forum.
But without exception, no one believes it.
After all, Chu Tianfan is a strong man on the sky list. In the eyes of many people, such a strong man on the sky list is almost invincible.
Nowadays, who will believe the few thoughtless messages?

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