A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 1926 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1926

Under the Tianhe, the top of the vast sea.
The man stood proudly in front of him.
That arrogant laughter, just like a torrent of thunder, swept across the world.
Chu Qitian on the other end of the phone was undoubtedly overjoyed after receiving the news of Ye Fan’s fall.
Ten years!
He fought with him for ten years!
“Chu Tianfan, Chu Tianfan, let your talents be amazing and you can do what you can do, so what?”
“It’s not me who laughed last, Chu Tianqi?”
“And you ended up tragically without bones.”
“Fight with me?”
“Have you ever been able to fight?”
Since childhood, Chu Qitian has never been as relaxed and happy as today.
It’s like, for many years, the rock hanging in my heart finally landed.
A worry that had been in his heart for a long time was finally over.
Ten years of grievances, thousands of days of disputes, so far, completely ended!
In the distant Pacific Ocean, the cold and cold wind, with the unique moisture of the sea, is blowing wildly in the world.
After killing Ye Fan, Chu Zhengliang also turned and left.
Here, the world is silent again.
Only left, the waves are noisy.
Everything was restored to the usual way again.
It seems that the previous killings and disputes did not happen from beginning to end.
And hundreds of miles away from here, a cruise ship was moving slowly.
“Nan Nan, wake up~”
“Nan Nan, wake up soon~”
In a suite in the cabin, a beautiful woman was lying quietly on the bed.
The flushing eyes were closed tightly, but the beautiful face was full of pain and panic.
Even though she was deeply in a coma, her hands were still holding something tightly.
Beside her, several men and women kept calling her name.
Finally, the girl who had been asleep for a long time slowly opened her eyes.
“Teacher, Nan Nan is awake.”
“Hao Nan, hurry up, bring Nan Nan a glass of water.”
Seeing Chen Nan wake up, Kong Hui was immediately overjoyed, greeted her boyfriend and brought Chen Nan a glass of water.
“Sister, teacher~”
“Where am I?”
Chen Nan had just regained consciousness. It was obvious that there were fragments in his brain. He didn’t remember the things before the coma.
She rubbed her head, her godless beautiful eyes looked around suspiciously.
A slightly luxurious room, elegant and exquisite furnishings, dazzling the undulating waves outside the window.
Everything is so familiar and unfamiliar.
“Nan Nan, you are on the Princess now.”
“Yesterday, I don’t know how, you suddenly appeared on the deck of the Princess.”
“At that time, you were covered with blood and collapsed to the ground.”
“You scared me to death then.”
“I thought you were going to die?”
“But fortunately, the blood doesn’t seem to belong to you.”
“The doctor on the ship said that you are just being frightened and it’s okay.”
“But Nan Nan, your life is really big.”
“The people in the boat are all dead. I guess you are the only passenger who survived.”
Speaking of this, Kong Hui and others shook their heads suddenly, sighing and regretful.
Upon hearing this, Chen Nan seemed to finally remember something.
She trembled, and then she ran off the bed and ran out desperately.
“Nan Nan, where are you going?” Kong Hui stopped her quickly.
“Brother Xiaofan~”
“I’m going to find Brother Xiaofan!”
“Let go of me, let me go~”
Chen Nan was crying, tears raining down.
In front of him, it seemed that he had once again appeared, in the sky of flames, that decisive thin figure.
It was Ye Fan who used the last strength to send her out of desperation.
She remembered, she remembered everything.

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