A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 1925 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1925

“**** it!”
“How can you be so unbelievable?”
“Even in the entire Chu family, those who master Yundao Tianjue absolutely cannot surpass the three.”
“You are an abandoned son of the Chu family, a ******* born to a country woman, how can you be so unbelievable?”
The energy entered the body, and Chu Zhengliang only felt a hot sting in his chest.
However, what was more severe than the physical pain was undoubtedly the shock in the heart.
What makes the Chu family stand tall in the world martial arts world for so many years?
It is undoubtedly the Cloud Book of the Chu Family.
But the Yundao Heavenly Book is the top secret of the Chu family, and even Chu Zhengliang is not qualified to have access to it.
The only thing he can come into contact with is the Yundao Tianjue and Yundao Tianjue recorded in the Yundao Tianshu.
These two secret techniques seem to be only one word difference, but their uses and effects are completely different.
Yundao Tianjue is the most basic exercise in martial arts practice.
And Yundao Tianjue is a martial arts move used to attack.
To explain it more vividly, Yundao Tianjue is similar to the inner strength mental method in martial arts novels, which is used to condense the internal force, while Yundao Tianjue is a martial arts skill used to fight the enemy.
The two complement each other.
However, Chu Zhengliang was not the Patriarch of the Chu Family after all. Even if he could get in touch with these two secret techniques, he could only practice some fur.
The true essence can only be fully touched by the previous Chu Family Patriarch.
That’s why Chu Zhengliang was so paranoid that he wanted to promote his son to the position of the head of the Chu family, even at the mercy of killing his nephew.
Now, seeing that their Chu family’s supreme mastery was displayed in the hands of an abandoned son, Chu Zhengliang was undoubtedly angry and questioned harshly.
However, Ye Fan paid no attention to him.
At the moment when he repelled Chu Zhengliang back, Ye Fan summoned the last trace of strength in his body and jumped into the sea, wanting to take the water to escape.
“Naughty animal, still want to leave?”
“Did you leave?”
How could Chu Zhengliang, who was furious, let Ye Fan escape.
After he stabilized his figure, his whole body was immediately agitated.
Then, several palms in a row, toward the place where Ye Fan entered the water, smashed frantically.
“Shank the sky!”
“Fantasy Seal~”

“Fantasy Seal~”
“Shank the sky!!!”
Chu Zhengliang seemed to be crazy, taking dozens of palms one after another.
Those palm prints cover the sky and the sun, almost with the power of destruction.
With every palm falling, a huge wave was set off in the sea in front of him.
The storm-like offensive almost made all the world tremble.
Dozens of tons of seawater were rolled up, and the tumbling waves swept across all directions like wild beasts.
I don’t know how long it took until Chu Zhengliang was exhausted before he stopped attacking.
Everything fell silent again.
The noisy sea soon calmed down.
The sea breeze swept across, and the blue sea kept undulating.
Layers of waves, as if rushing from the end of the horizon, beat the rocks on the shore day after day.
But where Ye Fan entered the sea before, it was already empty.
Only red blood, from under the surface of the sea, kept pouring out.
That piece of sea is already bright red.
Chu Zhengliang walked over, only to see Ye Fan’s broken sleeves and his body that was rotten to the flesh in the blood-red water.
When Chu Zhengliang saw this, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.
Then he picked up the satellite phone and called out.
“Tian Qi, everything is over.”
“He has been beaten by me to fly ashes and annihilated. There is no bone.”
“Chu Tianfan is dead. From now on, you, Chu Tianqi, will be the only descendant of my Chu family.”
“In today’s world, no one can stand in your way of the king!”

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