A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 1918 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1918

“Tell them, Ye Fan is incompetent and I can’t give them stability for the rest of their lives.”
“For the rest of their lives, maybe they can only let them go by themselves~”
A low and calm voice quietly sounded in Chen Nan’s ears.
At that moment, Chen Nan panicked immediately.
Her pretty face was pale, and her tears flowed like rivers and lakes bursting on a bank.
“Brother Xiaofan, what are you doing?”
“Brother Xiaofan, if you are not dead, we will be saved~”
“Brother Xiaofan, I don’t want to leave you~”
Chen Nan cried loudly, like a knuckle in his throat, his beautiful eyes were already red and swollen.
She firmly hugged the man in her arms, crying and shaking her head constantly.
As if about to rush to the battlefield, the soldiers before saying goodbye to their loved ones.
This time a farewell, perhaps it will be a farewell to life and death!
“Brother Xiaofan, no, no~”
Chen Nan was still crying, but the cry of sorrow was shattered by the noise of the waves.
In this way, her body was already supported by Ye Fan.
Then, she clearly felt that there was a majestic and soft force that tightly wrapped her body.
As for Ye Fan, endless power gathered.
That feeling is just like a bow that is gradually full of strings, and Chen Nan is the sword on the bow.
“Nan Nan, go!”
Following Ye Fan’s last low roar, the next moment, he just listened to the sound and exploded. Chen Nan was sent out by Ye Fan directly from the sea of fire.
Chen Nan’s delicate body is just like a long arrow shot out, flying across the sky and across the sky at a speed of nearly 100 meters per second.
Wrapped by Ye Fan’s tenderness, he galloped towards the depths of the sea.
There, there is a huge cruise ship, cutting through the waves and moving slowly.
“Brother Xiaofan, I don’t want to leave you…”
Chen Nan in the air struggled, his voice became hoarse from crying.
She stretched out her hand to the front, trying to catch the boy.
However, it was futile after all.
Chen Nan could only look at the young man helplessly, further away in his sight.
It was like a light and shadow, becoming more and more blurred.
Until the end, the flames soaring into the sky swallowed up the thin figure of the young man.
Boom boom boom~
The missiles fell one after another, and then, deafening explosions sounded continuously.
The shock wave caused by the power of the explosion set off a hundred-meter storm.
The sea of fire is rolling, and the turbid waves are overwhelming.
Where Ye Fan was, there was already a sea of fire and smoke.
“Brother Xiaofan~”
From a distance, Chen Nan cried hoarsely.
Chen Nan never imagined that a voyage would be a parting.
The handsome figure of the young man, just like this, was frozen forever, in the monstrous fire before him.
No one knows the sadness in Chen Nan’s heart at this moment.
She would rather die together with Ye Fan in the sea of flames than live in this way.
Perhaps, without her drag, Ye Fan could escape.
Self-blame, guilt, sorrow~
Various emotions, like the palm of a devil, severely strangled Chen Nan’s chest.
The soaring sea of fire, the rolling waves, and the deafening explosion.
Everything in front of me is just like a devil’s gluttonous feast.
How Chen Nan hopes, this is just a dream.
After waking up from the dream, the sea is still vast and the sky is still blue, and she and the boy are still on the cruise ship, reading, drinking tea, talking and laughing.

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