A Cue for Love, chapter 425

A Cue for Love, chapter 425 Nothing To Hide

“Are you threatening me, Lia?” demanded Yara as her voice broke.

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“In the past, I only knew how it felt like to be threatened. I didn’t expect that I’ll be the person threatening you one day.” Lia stated coldly, “Yara, don’t be too arrogant and underestimate others. Otherwise, you will dig your own grave and die from your own actions.”

With that, she hung up.

Listening to the beeping tone on the phone, Yara clenched her fists unconsciously. Her nails dug into her palm, causing blood to drip down her hand.

She had spent all her effort on guarding Scarlett.

Back then, she thought that Lia was just a pushover whom she could control. However, it turned out that Lia was the one who sabotaged the entire plan.

Yara’s beautiful facial features contorted into a look of hatred and menace.

“Lia! Who do you think you are? How dare you toy around with me like that? Natalie almost died! She was this close to disappearing from the world! Why did God help that woman but not me?”

In a fit of anger, Yara threw her phone to the wall. With a loud crash, it smashed into pieces.

Meanwhile, Natalie continued staying by Samuel’s side in the hospital.

She gently wiped the ice burns on Samuel’s body with lukewarm water. For the entire night, she did not sleep.

Gazing at Samuel’s exquisite features, she could not help but place her fingers on his thin lips.

So thin…

People often say that men with thin lips are heartless. But why is he so nice to me, to the extent that I don’t even know how to repay him?

She ran her fingers across his lips gently.

It was almost addictive to touch them.

At some point in time, Samuel had already woken up.

“You’ve touched my lips for so long… Don’t you want to kiss them?” Samuel’s eyes were half-closed, but his gaze was overflowing with affection.

“Stop being so narcissistic!” whined Natalie coyly. “Are you awake?”

When she saw that Samuel had woken up, she wanted to withdraw her hand. However, he grabbed her hand so tightly that she could not free herself.


“Why are you wearing a hospital gown too? Did you get injured?” interrogated Samuel with a worried frown.

Natalie bit her lips.

This man is going to be the end of me. He’s the one who’s the most severely injured. However, instead of caring for himself, he’s worried about me. The ice burns are so serious. How is it possible that he’s not in pain?

Not waiting for Natalie’s answers, Samuel suddenly pulled her onto the bed and into his arms.

Their eyes met.

“Where did you get hurt?” asked Samuel nervously.

“I’m not injured, Samuel.”

Natalie was telling the truth. Although she was freezing in the freezer, that did not count as an injury.

When Samuel recalled how Natalie used to put up a strong front, he was afraid that she was hiding her injuries from him.

The most foolproof way was to personally examine whether Natalie was injured.

“I really am not…”

Before Natalie could finish her sentence, Samuel was already unbuttoning her hospital gown assertively.

Soon, she felt a gust of cold wind against her chest.

The last button of her hospital gown came undone, revealing her body to him.

Samuel scrutinized every inch of Natalie’s body. After confirming that there were no injuries, he realized that she was not lying to him.

“Is this how you check me for injuries?” asked Natalie with a frown.

“I’m worried that you’re lying to me again.” Samuel tightened the hospital gown around her before saying matter-of-factly, “Since you’re mine, your body and heart are mine too. There’s nothing that I can’t see.”

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