A Cue for Love, chapter 423

A Cue for Love, chapter 423 Suffer The Consequences

When Billy saw Natalie walking over in her hospital gown, he lowered his head in embarrassment.

He claimed that he was loyal to Samuel and would sacrifice his life for his master. However, he instinctively retreated under the freezing condition.

“Billy, how’s Samuel doing?” asked Natalie.

“The doctor gave Sir some oxygen and transfused some warm saline solution into him. He reminded that Sir should rest well for these two days,” Billy reported everything that the doctor had said word-for-word.

After a long silence, Natalie said, “Billy, I went overboard when I scolded you for being useless outside the freezer. It’s too dangerous to enter without a protective suit.”

“Don’t mind it, Ms. Nichols.” Billy patted his chest. “To me, you’re only second to Sir. I’m not saying this because he likes you. Instead, you’ve convinced me with your actions.”

“Why are you making me sound like some burly dude? I’m still a girl, okay?” Natalie joked before saying seriously, “You can leave now. I’ll keep Samuel company. If you’re worried, you can wait outside the hospital ward. Remember that only I can be in here.”

Billy knew that if Samuel were conscious, that would be his wish too.

Hence, he nodded and left the room, leaving some space for Natalie.

Sitting beside Samuel’s bed, Natalie held his hand slowly and pressed it against her cheek.

Only then did she feel the immense worry weighing down on her disappear.

He’s fine.

Natalie felt an urge to cry. Tears welled up in her eyes, though they were tears of joy.

“Samuel, you’re the biggest fool in the world!” mumbled Natalie as she choked on her tears. “But I don’t mind. I’ll use the rest of my life to repay your foolishness.”

In the Hamilton residence, the news of Scarlett plotting to kill Samuel’s fiancée had spread.

Fury raged in Charles’ eyes as he glared at Scarlett.

Standing beside Scarlett, Zayden could feel the overwhelming sense of intimidation from his grandfather. He did not even dare to breathe loudly.

Meanwhile, Scarlett stood there listlessly with her head drooped, waiting for Charles to deal with her.

“Scarlett, although the Hamilton family rose to power through our ammunition business, I’ve always done everything above board and just. You’re my granddaughter, but how can you do something so despicable? Everyone’s treating the Hamilton family as a laughing stock now!” chided Charles sternly as he stared at her.

Even Scarlett was making him worry now. Never would he had expected his granddaughter, who had always made him proud, to bring such troubles to the Hamilton family.

Scarlett’s actions were even more challenging to deal with than Zayden’s troubles.

Charles was overwhelmed with rage.

In a fit of anger, he slapped Scarlett hard across the face.


Caught unaware by the slap, Scarlett felt a searing pain on her cheek.

“Grandpa?” Scarlett covered her cheek in disbelief.

“Don’t call me your grandpa!” scolded Charles. “Scarlett, you’re no longer part of the Hamilton family from now on.”

“What do you mean, Grandpa?”

“From today onward, you’ll be evicted from the Hamilton family. Although your last name is still Hamilton, you have nothing to do with the Hamilton family.” Charles averted his gaze, but his tone was exceptionally firm.

“Please, Grandpa. I’m begging you! Don’t do this!”

Scared, Scarlett quickly fell to her knees and groveled. She slammed her forehead against the floor till it almost bled.

Even though Charles’ heart ached, he would not forgive her.

He instructed the butler sternly, “She’s no longer part of the Hamilton family. Why are all of you still standing there? Kick her out of the house now!”

Soon, the housekeepers chased Scarlett out of the Hamilton residence.

“Grandpa, I’m your most precious granddaughter! Please, don’t give up on me! The blood of the Hamiltons flows through my veins. You can’t do this to me! Zayden, I’ve always treated you so nicely. Are you going to watch me get evicted without doing anything?”

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