A Cue for Love, chapter 422

A Cue for Love, chapter 422 Unmasking

“Is this all that you were wearing when you entered that cold storage? Luckily you didn’t stay in there for too long. Otherwise, even I can’t help you. Getting frostbite is no joke!” A doctor at the hospital reminded Natalie, but she simply looked away and ignored everything he told her.

All Natalie cared about at that moment was Samuel’s condition and nothing else.

Jason, Hannah, Yana, and Hans were all waiting for her when she entered the lobby. They only breathed a sigh of relief when the doctor informed them that Natalie was fine.

Seeing how concerned the elderly couple, Jason and Hannah, were for her, Natalie felt warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Natalie got teary-eyed when she was reminded just how lucky she was to have them by her side.

When Jason turned to look at Natalie, his face was dead serious. “Natalie, Yana told me how Scarlett nearly got you killed. I won’t rest until that woman gets what she deserves for trying to hurt you! Our family may not have wealth nor power, but that doesn’t mean we are pushovers!”

“I know. But it’s getting late, so you and Godmother should go home and rest now.”

After some persuasion, the elderly couple eventually agreed to head home, but Hans and Yana insisted on staying.

“You’re pregnant, Yana, so you shouldn’t be out this late. Think about your baby!” reminded Natalie in all seriousness.

Yana slowly walked over to Natalie before inquiring, “This isn’t your real face, is it, Natalie?”

“What?” Natalie widened her eyes in surprise.

“We can understand that you deliberately stayed out of sight because you wanted to expose Scarlett, but we thought you’d be hiding somewhere in the building. However, nobody could find you even after we searched the whole place. Plus, you seemed to be unaware that Samuel had returned. The only explanation I can think of is that you somehow managed to leave the place undetected,” deduced Yana logically.

She then exchanged looks with her husband before continuing, “If you had walked out of there with that face, Scarlett would’ve surely spotted you. Hence, you must’ve used a different one. Natalie, you’re like family to us now. I think you should trust us with your secret.”

Natalie immediately shook her head. “I didn’t mean to keep it from you. It’s just that I never found the right time to tell you. I guess I was just afraid that you would be upset after hearing it. To tell you the truth, my real face is… going to surprise you.”

“Surprise us?” exclaimed both Hans and Yana at the same time.

“You’ll know what I mean once I take off this mask.”

With that, Natalie dug her fingers into the edge of the hyper-realistic mask and removed it.

Hans and Yana almost dropped their jaws onto the floor when they saw the face underneath, for they did not expect it to look exactly like Yara’s.

“You and Yara—”

“We’re twins,” interrupted Natalie before her expression suddenly turned grim. “But as far as she knows, I died in the fire she caused five years ago.”

Yana covered her mouth in shock. “Oh, my goodness! Hans and I have always thought that you two had the same eyes, but we assumed it was just a coincidence. We never imagined that you two are twins.”

“It’s not yet the right time to reveal myself to Yara and her family.”

“Don’t worry. Yana and I will keep this between us,” promised Hans solemnly.


Hans and Yana wanted Natalie to rest, but Natalie was too worried about Samuel to fall asleep.

That was why she waited until the couple had left before sneaking out to the intensive care unit to see Samuel.

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