A Cue for Love, chapter 421

A Cue for Love, chapter 421 Hands As Cold As Ice

Natalie tried to warm up Samuel’s hands with her own but quickly realized that her hands were just as cold.

Even though she had always managed to stay calm under pressure, Natalie could not help but panic when she saw how dire Samuel’s situation was. Had I known that Samuel had returned early and that he would end up unconscious in the cold storage, I would never have gone away just so I could expose Scarlett in front of everyone. I know I can always get back at her. Heck, even if I had to let her get away with it, I would never let something like this happen to Samuel!

The mere thought of losing Samuel was enough to send shivers down Natalie’s spine.

“Wake up, Samuel! Please! I’m begging you to wake up. I can’t lose you!”

Drop after drop, Natalie’s tears rolled down her cheek and fell onto Samuel’s face.

No matter how much pressure she had had to endure over the years bringing up Xavian and Clayton on her own, Natalie rarely cried.

However, at that moment, her tears just kept falling out.

Natalie then put Samuel’s arm around her neck and tried to carry the man out of the cold storage.

Since Samuel was much heavier than she was, every step she took felt as though it demanded all the energy she got left in her. I don’t care if I fall, but I can’t let Samuel fall with me!

Under the extreme condition, Natalie knew all she could do was grit her teeth and try to rescue Samuel with everything she had got.

Fortunately, it did not take long before Billy and his men, clad in thick clothing, rushed in to help her.

“Ms. Nichols.” Billy was more than impressed when he saw the woman carrying his employer while wearing only a thin blue dinner dress. He had always thought that Samuel loved Natalie more than she loved him.

However, after witnessing Natalie’s bold effort, Billy realized how wrong he was to think that way.

“Samuel is unconscious, Billy, so you have to get him to the hospital now. He might not survive if he doesn’t get medical attention soon. Don’t worry about me. Just go!” ordered Natalie with almost all the energy she had left in her.

After nodding at Natalie, Billy quickly took Samuel from her and made his way to the exit.

After making sure that Samuel was finally in good hands, Natalie started coughing violently.

Her shoulders were completely exposed to the cold since she wrapped her stole around Samuel.

“Let us get you out of here,” suggested one of Billy’s men.

Natalie only took two steps before she realized that she could no longer walk on her own.

Scoffing at herself, Natalie wondered how she managed to summon enough strength to carry Samuel when she could barely walk herself.

Natalie remained in a state of hypothermia even after leaving the cold storage, so Yana quickly covered her with a down jacket.

“Do you have any idea how worried I was after you ran into the cold storage? You almost gave me a heart attack!” exclaimed Yana exaggeratedly.

Even though Yana was upset with Natalie’s impulsive actions, she could not help but cry tears of joy when the woman turned out to be okay.

Just look at your wife, Hans. She’s with child now. You should know better than to let her cry like that,” joked Natalie.

In response, Hans gave Natalie a look before handing her a flask of warm tea. “I see the cold hasn’t rid you of your sense of humor. By the way, you really should go to a hospital for a thorough examination.”

Natalie knew that Hans and Yana cared a lot about her, so she nodded obediently. “Fine. I promise I’ll go to a hospital, but I want to go to the one Samuel is in.”

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