A Cue for Love, chapter 420

A Cue for Love, chapter 420 You Are Completely Insane

Natalie was instantly filled with bafflement. “What? Isn’t he supposed to be on a business trip overseas now? I thought he’s only coming back next week!”

“Yes, that was the plan, but he did everything he could to close the deal early just so he could see you sooner. He came to the party to surprise you because he figured that you’d be here with Mrs. Becker.”

After listening to Billy, Natalie was taken aback.

In order to convince Scarlett that she had frozen to death in the cold storage, Natalie left the party after Lia pretended to drag her into the cold storage.

That was why she had no idea what Samuel had done, even though he had caused quite a commotion at Zayden’s birthday party.

When Natalie saw Billy at the scene, she thought Samuel sent the man to help Yana look for her since he was still overseas.

Never did Natalie expect that Samuel would come back early for her, only to end up in the cold storage. That idiot! What the heck was he thinking?

Even though Natalie tried her best to bury her emotions, her eyes seemed to have a mind of their own as they started to well up.

“He worked all day and all night just so he could see you sooner. That must’ve taken a toll on him,” stated Billy.

Natalie immediately grabbed the man by the collar and questioned, “How long has he been in there?”

“Around ten minutes, I guess.”

Natalie had always been patient, but her emotions had gotten the best of her then. “You’re useless! Is this how you’re supposed to protect your employer? You let him go in alone while you stand here and talk to me?”

Before Billy could respond, Natalie swiftly turned around and rushed toward the cold storage just like the way Samuel did for her.

Everyone at the scene was too afraid of the unforgiving temperature to enter the cold storage, but not the couple. Samuel and Natalie were ready to sacrifice their own lives for each other.

“Natalie, wait! You’ll get cold burn in there!” warned Yana, who tried to chase after the woman but got stopped by her husband. “Let go of me, Hans!”

“You’re not going to be of much help in there, Yana. Just think about it! You’re with child now. If anything were to happen to you, you’d only become a burden to Natalie.”


After witnessing how strong the love was between Samuel and Natalie, everyone was deeply moved, especially Scarlett.

As much as she claimed to love Samuel, Scarlett could never throw herself into a mercilessly cold environment like Natalie.

Fortunately, the clothes arrived shortly after Natalie entered the cold storage, so Billy quickly grabbed a set and put it on.

On the other side, Natalie’s eyes darted around the cold storage as she searched for Samuel.

Tears continued to well up in her eyes while she shouted, “Samuel, you idiot! Why did you rush in? If I were really locked in here, I would’ve frozen to death already! Why did you have to throw your life away like that?”

Natalie could feel the cold eating away at her, but she dared not slow down because she had not found her beloved Samuel yet.

After passing by several stacks of food products, she finally saw Samuel lying unconsciously on the floor. “Samuel!”

Natalie hurriedly unbuttoned her stole and covered the man with it. At that point, all she could think about was how to warm the man up. “Can you hear me, Samuel? It’s me!”

However, Samuel was not responsive, and his eyes remained shut.

The man’s face was already as pale as a ghost, and his purple lips only served to worry Natalie even more.

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