A Cue for Love, chapter 417

A Cue for Love, chapter 417 Samuel And His Bet

“Spill it!” ordered Samuel.

“We were investigating when a housekeeper told us that she saw someone similar to Ms. Nichols heading towards a control room on the west side of the property.”

“Then what are you waiting for? Get over there now!”

Samuel was ready to pounce on any lead he could get his hands on.

Even though he knew that there had to be a reason why Natalie disappeared, he dared not imagine the worst.

With tears still rolling down her cheeks, Yana decided that she was done waiting and followed Samuel.

Hans knew better than to try to stop his wife then, so he too quickly followed the group to the location mentioned.

Everyone in the group was either sad or concerned, except for Scarlett, who had nothing but contempt and disdain for Natalie.

I just don’t understand! What exactly does Samuel see in Natalie that he’s willing to go through so much trouble to find her? Anyhow, it doesn’t matter since I’ve already taken care of that woman. Scarlett then continued to pretend as though she was on their side. “Samuel, I’m sure we’ll find her very soon, so don’t worry. Someone as clever as her will undoubtedly be fine.”

Unfortunately for Scarlett, all her words fell on deaf ears as Samuel walked on without even sparing her a glance.

Because of that, Scarlett clenched her fists and was even surer that she had made the right choice to work with Yara. Natalie really is all Samuel can ever think about. It’s no wonder that even a confident woman like Yara would do just about anything to eliminate Natalie. As long as Natalie is still around, none of us will ever have a chance at winning Samuel over.

When the group finally reached their destination, all they could see in that area were control rooms for utilities such as auxiliary power supply, fire control devices, boiler, and cold storage.

“Hans, why would Natalie come here?” inquired Yana with an eyebrow raised.

Hans analyzed the surrounding before explaining to his wife, “If she wasn’t lost, then somebody must’ve deliberately led her here. I don’t think she would’ve ignored your calls if she was lost. Besides, the reception here is just fine.”

Like Hans, Samuel had the same thought, so he immediately ordered, “Get the dogs to search this area.”

“Yes, sir!”

Before long, the place was filled with beams of light from flashlights and the sound of dogs barking.

Almost everyone was on the tip of their toes as the search went for about half an hour before a German Shepherd started barking wildly at a cold storage room.

Samuel quickly figured something was wrong with the cold storage room, so he hurried to it. “What’s inside?”

“This is where we store the perishable ingredients. Men would go in and out of it every day to stock up or take the ingredients for food preparation. It’s locked most of the time,” answered one of the Hamiltons’ housekeepers.

“Get it open now.” Samuel narrowed his piercing eyes to show that he meant business.

“But it’s freezing in there. We even have to put on proper clothing to keep out the cold when inside. I don’t think your fiancée is in there. Even if she really is in there, I’m afraid that she’s-”

Before the housekeeper could finish his sentence, he got punched by Samuel, and his glasses were sent flying.

Samuel looked daggers at the housekeeper and threatened, “Don’t make me repeat myself. Open the cold storage now!”

With one hand holding his broken nose, the housekeeper hurriedly fumbled around in his pocket to find the keys for the cold storage.

As anxious as Samuel was, Yana would have been too weak to stand properly had Hans not been there to support her.

Scarlett held her breath as the housekeeper unlocked the door, but it was for a reason different from everyone else’s. To her, a good show was about to start.

Freezing cold air greeted the group the moment the door was opened, and it was as numbing as the arctic wind.

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