A Cue for Love, chapter 415

A Cue for Love, chapter 415 Denial

At that moment, Samuel was filled with so much rage that he seemed like he had been possessed by a demon straight from hell.“Where did you hide her? Answer me now!” commanded Samuel after grabbing Zayden by the collar.

Zayden’s anger was quickly replaced by fear when facing Samuel’s fury, but still, he tried to put on a brave face. “I have no idea who you’re talking about. What do you want, Samuel? What you did tonight was unacceptable. Not only did you disrespect me, but you also disrespect my entire family.”

“He’s right! You let go Zayden this instant!” Charles would never let anything bad happen to his precious grandson.

Scarlett, too, tried to stop Samuel by grabbing the man’s wrist. “What are you doing, Samuel? I know you’re angry that you can’t find someone dear to you, but taking it out on my brother isn’t going to help. Please just let him go!”

Still, Samuel would not listen to a word the Hamiltons said. With his eyes narrowed, Samuel tightened his grip as he continued to threaten Zayden, “I’m going to ask you one last time, Zayden. Where did you hide Natalie?”

As hard as Zayden struggled to break free, he could not. The man noticed that it was getting more difficult to breathe, so he started to panic.

“Who is Natalie? I don’t know anybody by that name! I swear! How the heck am I supposed to hide someone I don’t even know?” responded Zayden, grimacing.

“The woman who kicked you into the swimming pool. Where is she?”

“How is that related to the person you’re looking for?” asked Zayden in a baffled expression.

“The woman who kicked into the pool is the one I’m looking for.”

Immediately, Zayden felt relieved that he had not gotten the chance to get back at Natalie, for that meant he had nothing to do with the woman’s disappearance. Gosh, that was close!“

I swear I didn’t do anything to her, Samuel! If you want, I can swear on my whole family’s life. I admit that I did think about getting payback, but I haven’t had the chance to do anything like that yet. I really don’t know where she has gone!”

For quite a while, Samuel said nothing but only scrutinized Zayden’s face.

“If I find out that even one word that came out of your mouth is a lie, I will give you hell. I don’t care even if you’re a Hamilton. Do you hear me?”

“I would never lie to you. Never!” promised Zayden as he shook his head desperately.

Only then did Samuel let go of the poor man, who realized that his legs had become weak from fear.

Samuel then turned around to face Charles. “Old Mr. Hamilton, your family knows this place better than anybody else, so I’ll need your help to find my fiancée.”

“Of course.”

Even though Charles was upset about Samuel’s actions, he nodded and agreed to provide assistance anyhow.

When almost all the guests had left, Billy and his men arrived at the scene.

Then, Samuel bid the Hamiltons farewell and left to join Billy.

Charles and Zayden were the only ones left in the room.

“What exactly does Samuel take us for? He disrespected us like we were nobody! And for what? A woman? Big deal! I’m sure there are hundreds of women waiting to take her place,” scoffed Zayden after lighting up a cigarette.

Charles angrily smacked Zayden on the head for the young man’s insolence. “Idiot! Do you even have any idea what you’re talking about? Any fool could tell how hard Samuel had fallen for that woman. He’ll probably burn the whole place down just to find her. Are you sure you have nothing to do with her disappearance?”

“As I said, I didn’t do anything to that woman. It wasn’t me! What? You don’t trust your own grandson?” questioned Zayden rhetorically while rubbing the back of his head.

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