A Cue for Love, chapter 414

A Cue for Love, chapter 414 Natalie Is Missing

Yana was really getting worried about Natalie. “Hans, something is not right. I can feel it in my gut! I tried calling her. It went through, but nobody answered. I’m worried sick, Hans! You have to do something!”

Even though Hans thought Yana was overthinking at first, he started to get concerned as well when Natalie remained nowhere to be seen after a while.

“Just try to calm down first, Yana,” comforted Hans as he patted his wife on the back. “You’re with child now, so you can’t get too emotional. Why don’t you have a seat while we look for Natalie?”

Yana was so anxious that she could not just sit still. Fortunately, Hans’ words of comfort were able to calm her down slightly.

“We owe Natalie everything, so you have to find her and make sure that she’s safe. We’re the reason she’s even here tonight,” requested Yana while biting her lips nervously.

“I promise you, Yana. Don’t worry.”

After leaving Yana, Hans hurriedly planned a search with Jason and Hannah. Then, the three put their wine glasses aside and began combing the place.

The Hamiltons had spent a significant amount of money on the decoration to celebrate Zayden’s birthday, but Yana was too concerned about Natalie’s safety to appreciate it. All she could do was stare at her phone and hope that Natalie would call her.

All of a sudden, somebody tapped her on the shoulder, and she thought that it was Natalie. “You scared the living c**p out of me, do you know that, Natalie?”

Unfortunately, when Yana turned around, she realized that it was Samuel instead. “Oh, it’s you, Samuel.”

The man furrowed his eyebrows as he questioned, “Where’s Natalie? Isn’t she supposed to be with you? How come you’re sitting here alone?”

Then, Yana’s eyes turned red, and tears started to well up.

“Natalie. She’s… she has disappeared, Samuel,” stuttered Yana before proceeding to tell Samuel how Natalie had been out of contact for a while and that she could not seem to reach the woman.

When Yana was finally done explaining, Samuel’s face turned grim while a daunting aura emanated from him. “How long ago was it since you last saw her?”

“It was two hours ago. At first, we thought Natalie sneaked off to enjoy her drink alone because she didn’t like the crowd. We expected her to show up sooner or later, but she never did. And now I’m worried if anything bad has happened to her.”

Samuel then glared at Zayden, who was addressing the crowd on the stage. Whether he has anything to do with Nat’s disappearance, this party ends now.

“Stay here and don’t go anywhere, Yana. I’ll find Nat,” promised Samuel before taking his phone out to call Billy.

After that, Samuel went up to Zayden and snatched the man’s microphone. “Everyone, the party’s over, so please leave this place now in an orderly manner. I know this must be upsetting to some of you, but my fiancée has gone missing. I have to find her no matter what. To make up for tonight, I promise to get Mr. Zayden a grand gift. And for his guests, you will also receive a gift as a show of my appreciation for your understanding.”

As soon as Samuel was done talking, everyone at the party was in an uproar.

“Hey, that’s Samuel Bowers! Since when is he engaged?”

“His fiancée has gone missing. It’s no wonder he seemed so anxious.”

“Wow, this is the first time I’ve seen Samuel Bowers do something as impulsive as this. It looks like that woman must be very important to him.”

“Well, he did say that we’ll receive a gift if we leave now. So why not? I’m sure we’re not going to get something cheap since it’s Samuel Bowers.”

Although the crowd came because the Hamiltons invited them, none of them would stand up for the family since the Bowers was also an influential family. Going against Samuel would not benefit anybody, so the crowd started to exit the place obediently.

Before Charles could say anything, Zayden shouted furiously at Samuel, “Just what the heck do you think you’re doing? Do you think you can do whatever you want just because you’re now the head of your family? This is my party! It only ends when I say so!”

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