A Cue for Love, chapter 413

A Cue for Love, chapter 413 All You Have To Do Is Eliminate Her

Immediately, Charles’ face hardened. “Wait a second. What is this? Are you in love, Samuel?”

“Yes, I am,” admitted Samuel directly. “I don’t doubt that Scarlett is a fine woman, but I have to respectfully decline meeting with her because I already have someone I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

With his hope shattered, Charles was suddenly at a loss for words.

The two remained silent for a short while before Zayden and Scarlett walked over to them.

“Samuel, I heard that you were out of town when I came home from overseas, so imagine my surprise when I realized that you’re here at my brother’s birthday celebration!” voiced Scarlett excitedly while gazing intently at the man.

“I just so happened to close a deal early and managed to make it back in time. There’s someone here that I haven’t seen for a long time, so I decided to give her a surprise.”

Someone he hasn’t seen for a long time? Well, it has been two years since we last saw each other. Naturally, Scarlett assumed that Samuel was talking about her.

“I’m sure that someone is very happy to see you too.” Scarlett then tried to reach out and hold Samuel by the arm, but the man quickly got out of the way. “Samuel?”

“I have to go meet her soon, actually. In fact, I was just about to excuse myself.” With that, Samuel had made it abundantly clear that he was not interested in Scarlett at all.

To avoid further embarrassment, Scarlett immediately withdrew her hands. Samuel has someone else he has to meet? He wasn’t talking about me after all. Then it must be Natalie! Why would he choose her over me? What does that freckle-faced woman have that I don’t?

Even though Yara had already told her about it, Scarlett was still surprised when she found out for herself. Luckily, we’ve already gotten her out of the picture. Natalie is probably a human popsicle in the cold storage by now. No matter how much Samuel loves her, he can’t be with a frozen corpse, can he?

Although Scarlett was very pleased with herself then, she did not show it.

After Samuel left, Zayden turned to stare at her sister before teasing, “I know you like him a lot, but unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to feel the same way about you, Scarlett. In fact, he doesn’t look like he’s even remotely interested in you.”

“Stay out of my business!” warned Scarlett heatedly.

Although Charles did not appreciate Zayden’s tone, he had to admit that his grandson was right.

“Scarlett, I know Samuel is definitely one of the most eligible bachelors, but the man has clearly fallen for another woman. You’re not getting any younger, so why not consider somebody else? Remember. Time waits for no one. Trust me when I tell you that it’s not worth it,” Charles gently reminded his granddaughter.

However, since she had already carried out her plan to eliminate Natalie, Scarlett was not about to just give up on Samuel.

“Samuel is just lost at the moment. The man doesn’t really know what he wants, but I’m sure fate will point him in the right direction. It won’t be long before he realizes that I’m the one for him,” assured Scarlett with her head held high.

When they saw how persistent Scarlett was, Charles and Zayden decided to stop persuading her.

Meanwhile, Yana and Hans realized that Natalie had been gone for far too long. Even Old Mr. Hamilton and the Hamilton siblings are out. Where could Natalie possibly be?

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