A Beauty With Multiple Masks, Chapter 259

A Beauty With Multiple Masks, Chapter 259

Since Henrick had gotten rid of Alfred – Cindy’s best right hand other than Matthias – Arielle believed Cindy would not be able to cause any trouble in the manor anymore.

Nonetheless, Arielle did not let down her guard because of that. I‘m heading to the only profitable department in Southall Group tomorrow. Making early preparations is essential.

Early next morning, a piercing scream from the same floor that Arielle stayed in awakened her from sleep.

She woke up as soon as the scream sounded as she was a light sleeper. What happened?

After putting on a jacket, Arielle left her room hastily and discovered quite a few people standing outside Shandie’s room.

At first, she thought Shandie was making a scene for refusing to be locked up, but she sensed something off when she saw the housekeepers’ unwillingness to enter the room. It doesn‘t seem like Shandie is causing trouble intentionally. It looks more like she‘s

Arielle then walked over to the room while furrowing her brows. Stepping inside, she saw a motionless Shandie lying in a pool of blood.

There was a wound on Shandie’s wrist, and the blood most likely came from there.

D-Did Shandie slit her wrist?

She noticed that the blood on the ground had coagulated, while the wound on Shandie’s wrist had stopped bleeding as well. Those were indications that Shandie had slit her wrist for a while already.

Witnessing such a scene, Arielle was in utter shock as she never thought Shandie would take her own life. Shandie is pretty foolish, but I‘ve never imagined she would be that nonsensical. What in the world is going on? What she has done is far beyond what I expected

Just as she was about to check whether Shandie was still breathing, Henrick strode toward the room while shouting in a displeased tone, “What is this shameless woman up to this time!”

“D-Dad, something terrible has happened

to Shanniel Take a look at her, quick!” Arielle said, her expression frozen in shock

The annoyed Henrick walked over reluctantly in response. When he saw the pool of blood on the ground, he widened his eyes in bewilderment.

Subsequently, he snapped back to his senses and yelled with a trembling voice, “S-Shandie? S-Shannie?”

To his dismay, Shandie neither responded nor moved.

“Calm down, Dad. I’ll go and have a look.” Arielle told Larissa to support Henrick before crouching down beside Shandie to check her breathing.

However, she had no intention of doing that as soon as her hand touched Shandie. Her body is as cold as a corpse already. There‘s no way she’s still breathing.

At the outset, she had thought that this was probably another one of Shandie’s schemes. However, reality had proved that was not the case as her body was already thoroughly cold. She‘s dead without


Regardless, Arielle did not understand why Shandie wanted to take her own life. It’s not as if Henrick has never hit her before. Why couldn’t she take it this time? That is unusual of her indeed.

“H-How is she? l-Is she alive?” Henrick questioned with a quivering voice.

Arielle turned around and shook her head at Henrick, her expression sorrowful. “There’s no heat left in her body…”

“What?” Henrick dashed forward in disbelief to personally check Shandie’s breathing and nearly ran into Arielle.

Fortunately, Larissa managed to steady Arielle in the nick of time, thus preventing her from falling into the pool of blood.

A few seconds later, Henrick’s wail of agony echoed around the room. “Why were you so foolish, Shannie! Why did you have to take your own life? I chose to discipline you for your own good! Don’t you understand? Shannie!”

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