A Beauty With Multiple Masks, Chapter 258

A Beauty With Multiple Masks, Chapter 258

Henrick looked at Arielle instinctively as he had been very close to giving himself away with that last sentence. To his relief, Arielle had no reactions on her face. Since Arielle is my cash cow right now, it won‘t do me any good if she knows Shandie is my biological daughter.

In the meantime, Shandie could not believe that she would receive Henrick’s disgust toward her in return for accusing Arielle.

Widening her eyes in disbelief, she uttered dumbfoundedly, “I’m telling you the truth, Dad…”

“Say that again if you dare!” Henrick smacked Shandie on her face after that rebuke.

As a result, that slap left a visible imprint on Shandie’s face. She covered it while tears sprung to her eyes. “D-Dad? Why did


Why does Dad choose to believe in a country bumpkin like Arielle instead of a daughter he raised? We‘re both his biological daughters!

“Don’t call me Dad! I don’t have a shameful

daughter like you!” Henrick continued to berate Shandie.

Still, he felt exhausted because of the continuous outrage as his expression turned dull

After taking a deep breath, he turned around and instructed the housekeeper, “Monitor her and deliver food to her every day. Do not allow her to leave her room. Anyone who neglects their duty by letting her leave will suffer severe consequences. Understood?”

“Y-Yes, Mr. Southall!” the housekeeper answered with a shudder.

Soon after that instruction, two tall and muscular bodyguards grabbed Shandie’s shoulders.

“Please! No!” Shandie struggled to break free from the bodyguards with all her might and strength.

I‘d rather stay in the monastery if he locks me up again. At least the monastery has a much bigger space for activity than the house. I will lose my freedom if this persists. No, no!

She also wondered why Henrick had a sudden change of attitude after Arielle’s words. He was still feeling sorry for me only minutes ago! Why did things take such an abrupt turn? I can’t accept this! I won‘t!

Seeing that the bodyguards had not brought Shandie upstairs yet, Henrick frowned in displeasure. “Are you two weaklings? Can’t you take a woman who’s much smaller in size than you upstairs?”

That derogatory remark stamped out the bodyguards’ concern instantly as they dragged Shandie upstairs by force straight away.

As expected, no one gave a rip about Shandie when she was wailing non-stop in anger.

“How will you deal with Alfred?” Arielle questioned Henrick as soon as Shandie had disappeared from their sight.

Henrick took a cold glance at the half-dead Alfred before replying emotionlessly, “I remember he has a son who is searching for a job. I will inform the companies associated with me to refuse to hire him as their employee!”

Even though Southall Group was not as influential as Moore Group, its connection was still pretty decent. Once Henrick notified his associates, more than half of the major companies in Jadeborough would never hire Alfred’s son.

Upon hearing that upsetting statement, Alfred pleaded, “I-It’s all my fault, Mr. Southall! I shouldn’t have listened to Mrs. Southall and acted so recklessly. I’m willing to return the money she has given me to you, so please spare my son!”

Shooting Alfred one final penetrating gaze, Henrick waved his hand and ordered, “Break his legs and kick him out. If I see him again, you’ll receive the same fate as his. Let me give all of you a solemn reminder. If I find out any one of you still recognizes Cindy as the only head of the house in the future, your fate will be even more horrifying than his!”

Those words stirred the housekeepers to reconsider doing things for Cindy.

In the end, Henrick was the true head of the house, after all.

Despite looking tranquil, a chilling glint

flashed across Arielle’s eyes when she heard Henrick’s words. In this way, things will never be the same as before even if Cindy returns by some unknown method.

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