A Beauty With Multiple Masks, Chapter 257

A Beauty With Multiple Masks, Chapter 257

Two hundred thousand was not an amount most ordinary people could easily earn.

Moreover, it was technically impossible for Alfred to earn that amount of money overnight since he was only an unknowledgeable butler and had no involvement in any businesses outside.

Upon listening to the assistant’s words, Alfred began to quiver in fear while his face twisted into a terrified expression.

If that‘s not an indication of guilt, what is? Henrick cast a fierce glance at Alfred before questioning the assistant, “Who’s the sender?”

Unlike before, the assistant was a little hesitant when he spoke this time. “I-It’s, u um…”

“Stop stuttering! Tell me already! Is it Yvette Actonward?”

“It’s not Yvette, but Mrs. Southall…” The assistant’s startled voice sounded from the other end of the line.

“What!” The bewilderment in Henrick’s tone was even more striking than the

Before he could ask more questions, his assistant continued, “That remittance is not the only transaction from Mrs. Southall. All of those large transactions ! mentioned earlier were also under her ΠΑΠΠΑ.

That devastating statement from his assistant made Henrick widen his eyes in shock. He would have never imagined that the person who bribed Alfred was his wife, Cindy, instead of Yvette.

If Cindy were beside him right now, Henrick would have given her a brutal slap on her face without question. I knew it! That woman must have been scheming something! Why would she want to curry favor with my shareholders otherwise? Thank goodness I‘ve discovered everything in time!

Little did he know, the person standing behind him, Arielle, was grinning mischievously

“You b*stard!” Henrick landed a kick on Alfred’s face to vent his anger.

Consequently, Alfred shrieked in pain with blood dripping out from his nose.

As if that was not enough, Henrick planted two more kicks on Alfred while roaring at him, “What an ungrateful sc’mbag! I’m your rightful owner! How can you betray mel”

He was exuding a terrifying and murderous aura at the moment.

Shortly afterward, Alfred barely had the strength to scream because of the excruciating pain.

Meanwhile, Shandie also widened her eyes in stupefaction after hearing the assistant’s words. Is it true? Did Mom partner with Yvette to frame me? No, that’s impossible!

With that thought, Shandie suddenly recalled the period before she left the monastery. Back then, Cindy had tried to stop her desperately, even telling her that it could be a trap.

However, she had not taken Cindy’s words to heart as she didn’t trust her at all.

If it wasn‘t Mom‘s doing, who could it be? Following a couple of seconds of pondering, Shandie abruptly glanced toward Arielle.

Coincidentally, Arielle was looking at her as well.

The second their eyes met with each other. Shandie noticed the cold glint in Arielle’s eyes and felt shivers down her spine. T-The culprit is Arielle! / freaking knew it!

Arielle then curled her lips into a smirk deliberately and asked, “Why are you looking at me like that, Shandie?”

Her innocent look successfully infuriated Shandie.

Shandie’s face fell before she grabbed Henrick’s arm and pointed at Arielle. “Arielle also has something to do with this matter, Dad! She must’ve known about the Actonwards’ taboo and ordered someone to deliver the gown over to me! You must investigate her too!”

“Shut up!” The rage in Henrick’s heart had not faded even the tiniest bit.

The reason he kicked Alfred was not so much for his indignance toward the butler but Cindy. Given that Cindy was not around, he could only vent his anger on the unfortunate Alfred.

Thanks to Shandie’s interference, he became even more enraged as he glared at her with disdain. “You and your mother are both heartless wretches! Not only did Sannie stop me from teaching you a lesson earlier, but she also clarified the matter for your sake by revealing the truth! How can you slander her now? Why did I even decide to raise a daughter like you? What a shame it is to have you as my bio adopted daughter!”

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