A Beauty With Multiple Masks, Chapter 256

A Beauty With Multiple Masks, Chapter 256

Arielle showed no signs of authentic emotion on her face in response. Instead, she shrugged innocently and uttered, “Dad. Shandie. You’re both mistaken. I called out to him not because I wanted to stop him from visiting the doctor but because of the black gown incident. I suspect that Alfred is involved in this matter as well.”

Upon hearing her words, Shandie felt a little embarrassed. D**n it! Arielle has taken advantage of a loophole once again!

Henrick softened his expression slightly after listening to those words and said to Shandie, “You shouldn’t doubt Arielle at the drop of a hat every time.”

He then shifted his gaze toward Alfred, his expression instantly chilling. “Are Sannie’s words true?”

Feeling a chill running down his spine, Alfred explained hurriedly, “H-I know nothing about that, Mr. Southall!”

Arielle smirked when she heard those words and responded, “Frankly speaking, Alfred was the person who brought me this gown, Dad. Because the size was too big for me, I gave it to Shandie since she

was going to Yvette’s birthday party. As I’m from the countryside, how could I have known that black was a taboo color for Mr. Actonward? It’s also understandable for Shandie since she has only returned from the monastery and had no idea about Mr. Actonward’s return to the country. However, Alfred has already worked here for so many years. How is it possible for him not to know this kind of stuff?”

Those words from Arielle caused Henrick’s countenance to darken even more as he glared at Alfred intimidatingly.

Alfred could not help but tremble in fear at that glare as he noticed the murderous intent in Henrick’s eyes.

Since he had worked for the Southalls for many years, Henrick had always trusted Alfred. Sure enough, Henrick had never glared at him in such a manner before.

“H did nothing but receive the gown on Ms. Arielle’s behalf. I didn’t have a clue what color it was back then…” Alfred tried to defend himself in panic.

“Nonsense! Don’t believe in his words, Dad. I suspect that Yvette bribed him from the

very start. When I opened up the parcel of the gown, he urged me to wear it to the Actonward residence no matter what. I didn’t give it too much thought back then, but I feel like something is very fishy the more I think about it now. You have to investigate this matter thoroughly. Having a spy from another family sneaking into our family is not a desirable thing. You know that.” Arielle spoke to Henrick with a cold tone.

In response, Alfred shook his head vehemently. “I-It was only a coincidence! I didn’t even have a clear look at it! You can’t declare me guilty because of Ms. Arielle’s speculations, Mr. Southall! I’ve served you for so long! You should know my character!”

To Alfred’s dismay, his defense of himself failed to dissipate the iciness from Henrick’s expression.

Henrick had always been a skeptical person and would never tolerate any wrongdoings.

Besides, he had nothing to be wary of since Alfred was only a subordinate.

He then commanded his bodyguard to pin Alfred down and requested his assistant to Investigate Alfred’s bank account.

The pale-faced Alfred’s pupils constricted in shock as he protested, “Y-You can’t look into my bank account just like that, Mr. Southall! You’re invading my privacy!”

When he heard that remonstration, Henrick narrowed his eyes. “The investigation hasn’t even started yet. Is that a demonstration of fear out of guilt? Do you still have the nerve to say you have nothing to do with this matter? How can you work with outsiders to frame my daughter when I’ve treated you decently all these years?”

Those words rendered Alfred utterly speechless.

Not long after, Henrick received a return call from his assistant and turned on the phone’s speaker. “I’ve looked into his bank account, Mr. Southall. There are quite a few large transactions from a card he rarely uses. The most recent remittance was yesterday. The amount is, um, two hundred thousand.”

For a butler who had a salary of around ten

thousand a month, two hundred thousand was a lot of money.

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