A Beauty With Multiple Masks, Chapter 255

A Beauty With Multiple Masks, Chapter 255

Arielle immediately hurried into the mansion as she could not bear seeing Shandie being disciplined by Henrick.

Besides, Henrick would feel apologetic to Shandie later on for being so fierce once the truth was revealed.

By then, things would just get messy.

Arielle stepped into the living room and saw Henrick whipping a badly-bruised Shandie with a leather belt.

“Dad!” Arielle hurried forward and grabbed Henrick’s arm before he could hit Shandie further.

Henrick calmed down slightly when he saw Arielle. Nonetheless, he was still furious over Shandie’s mistakes.

“Don’t stop me, Sannie. You have no idea what this girl did. Russell was so mad at her!”

Nonetheless, Arielle did not release her grip on Henrick. She looked at him and explained, “Dad, I’ve just returned from the Actonward residence and am fully aware of the whole situation now. Listen to me,

Shandie has nothing to do with it.”

With that, Henrick loosened his grip on his belt and asked with a frown, “What do you


Arielle then briefly explained everything to him, and to sum up her story, she said, “All in all, Yvette wanted to set Shandie up. Hence, this has nothing to do with Shandie. So could you please stop disciplining her?”

Upon hearing Arielle’s explanation, Henrick was stunned and Shandie, who was on the

floor, wailed even louder.

Shandie was no fool. After all the misunderstandings had been cleared, she naturally had to milk the grievances she suffered for all it was worth.

Ultimately, Shandie was his biological daughter whom he had taken care of since she was a baby. Hence, the bond between the both of them would naturally be stronger than compared to Arielle. A regretful expression appeared on his face.

Feeling guilty, Henrick squatted down and helped Shandie up. “I’m sorry, Shandie. It’s

so harshly. You should have explained yourself sooner.”

Shandie thought to herself that she had, in fact, tried to explain herself but was ignored. Nonetheless, she still shook her head pitifully and replied nonchalantly, “It’s all right, Dad. You disciplined me because you were not aware of the full story. But I’ve really reflected a lot after returning from the monastery. I’ll definitely not do anything that will make you and Arielle mad again in the future. Also, will both of you please forgive me for my past mistakes?”

Seeing how matured and thoughtful Shandie had become, Henrick felt even guiltier.

He gently helped Shandie up and ordered the butler, “Call a doctor over to treat Shandie’s wounds.”

“Yes!” replied the butler as he turned to leave the living room.

Right then, Arielle spoke. “Wait a moment!”

The butler froze and turned over to look at

Arielle nervously. “Ms. Arielle, is there anything else? If not, I would need to call a doctor for Ms. Shandie.”

Shandie narrowed her eyes when she saw Arielle stopping the butler. She thought Arielle wanted the wounds to leave a scar on her.

As expected, Arielle is still an evil b*tch!

With that, Shandie immediately put on a pitiful look and tugged Henrick’s arm. “Dad, why is Arielle stopping the butler from calling a doctor over? Is she not willing to forgive me? But I’ve admitted my mistakes already.”

Henrick was displeased when he saw the teary look on Shandie. He then turned to Arielle and questioned coldly, “Sannie, your sister has apologized to you and has guaranteed that she won’t repeat her mistakes. Why won’t you forgive her? As an older sister, can’t you be more forgiving?”

Arielle sneered inwardly when she heard Henrick. Now you‘re saying that I‘m not forgiving?

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