A Beauty With Multiple Masks, Chapter 254

A Beauty With Multiple Masks, Chapter 254

Shandie had once mentioned that those who stayed in Maplelake Manor were all wealthy, and it was her dream to live there one day

Soon, the car arrived at the Southall residence.

By then, Arielle was dozing off when she saw Vinson working on something on his tablet intently.

Arielle then glanced over and saw that he was replying to an email.

For a moment, she had mixed feelings.

I didn‘t know Vinson is usuallyso busy. Even so, he still brought me out to attend the elites gathering and Yvette‘s birthday party. But why? What‘s going on in his mind? Is it because I saved his life before?

Vinson, who was staring at his tablet, suddenly raised his head.

With that, their gazes met. Arielle was caught off guard, and her cheeks blushed as if she had done something guilty.

Vinson grinned and teased, “Do I look


Arielle’s heart palpitated as she coughed to break the awkwardness. With contempt, she said, “You’re so narcissistic!”

Seeing her embarrassed look, the smile on Vinson’s face widened as he suddenly stretched out his hand to caress Arielle’s soft hair.

Arielle froze with that one simple action of Vinson’s.

She had gone through a lot and had met different people in her life. However, she had never had a man stroking her hair before.

The temperature in the car rose rapidly as its atmosphere changed.

Vinson’s gaze was deep, and his action was gentle. His eyes were filled with emotions that Arielle could not comprehend.

“You…” blurted Arielle.

Her voice seemed to have snapped Vinson back to his senses.

He calmly retrieved his hand and asked, “What brand of shampoo do you use? Your hair is really smooth.”

With flushed cheeks, Arielle shot him a furious stare and scowled. “Don’t touch me!”

Vinson merely shrugged and replied, “Well, your hair is a mess. I was just trying to comb it for you. Why are you reacting so strongly? Don’t tell me no man has ever touched you? Now that we are on this topic, have you ever been in a relationship?”

“Huh?” Arielle, who had been single all her life, gave an exaggerated smile and answered, “I’ve dated many more times than you.”

Vinson arched a brow at her. “Trying to act experienced, are we? Anyway, let’s head back quickly. I think the Southalls are still unaware that Yvette was the one who prepared the gown. Shandie is probably getting disciplined by Henrick now. Hurry up so you can get a good show.”

Arielle merely felt uncomfortable and tense when she was alone with Vinson.

Hence, she only agreed in a whisper and opened the car door without looking back at Vinson.

I must have been mesmerized by his beauty. I can‘t believe my heart was pounding madly just now. In fact, I‘ve never felt like this before.

Halfway through her journey to the doors of the Southall residence, Arielle could not help but touch the spot that Vinson had caressed.

Why is it that the feeling of myself stroking my hair isn‘t the same as Vinson stroking it? Wait a moment, why am I thinking of Vinson again? I must stop thinking about him!

With that, Arielle patted her face lightly to force herself to stop thinking about Vinson.

Soon after, she arrived at the mansion.

Although there was a slight distance before Arielle entered the mansion, she could already hear Shandie’s voice begging for mercy as she tried to explain herself.

“Stop spanking me, Dad! I’m sorry!! shouldn’t have worn the gown. But I did not purchase it myself!”

Smack! A loud s***k on the flesh could be heard, followed by Henrick’s scolding.

“Stop coming up with excuses! I thought you would have turned over a new leaf after spending some time in the monastery. I can’t believe you’re dumber and more evil than before. I’m ashamed to have a daughter like you!”

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