A Beauty With Multiple Masks, Chapter 251

A Beauty With Multiple Masks, Chapter 251

Raising his gaze to her, Vinson asked curiously, “How can you think that? Yvette is responsible for everything that happened tonight. She is just reaping what she sowed. If you hadn’t been smart enough to see through her plot, you would have been the one suffering the consequences.

Arielle couldn’t help but chuckle. “Vinson, suddenly get the feeling that you know me very well.”

Vinson shrugged. “I feel otherwise. The better I know you, the more I don’t understand you.”

Laughing, Arielle replied, “Yvette isn’t the only one responsible for tonight.”

Vinson raised his eyebrows at once. “Who else is involved?”

“I also saw Cindy… and her lover,” Arielle answered.

Vinson was slightly surprised but quickly digested the fact that Cindy had a lover.

Given that she could still get married after having an affair with her brother–in–law, I

shouldn‘t be surprised by the fact that she has a lover

With a darkened expression, Vinson remarked, “Despite being exiled to the monastery, she still has a lover doing her bidding. That’s quite a surprise. What’s his name? Give me his details and I’ll take care of him.”

Arielle shook her head to decline. “There’s no need. I’m not the one who wants him disposed of; Henrick is. If he knows about that guy’s existence, he will definitely be “pleasantly surprised’.”

Vinson smirked. “No wonder you refrained from making any moves. That’s a good idea. We can use her lover to destroy her. But still, nothing much can be done with her being in the monastery-”

“No,” Arielle replied as she watched the passing scenery outside the window. “I have a feeling that Cindy will be returning soon.”

Vinson was puzzled. “Since Cindy is already there, wouldn’t Henrick not think of her for the time being?”

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Pursing her lips into a smile, Arielle replied, “I don’t know. It’s just a gut feeling. Haven’t you heard how accurate a woman’s sixth sense is?”

“In that case, we will wait for her to return and deal with them all at once.”

Arielle nodded in agreement. However, she knew deep down that the matter wasn’t as simple as Vinson was making it out to be.

Furthermore, she was curious as to how Cindy planned on returning.

Going on a hunger strike or attempting to mutilate herself would only anger Henrick further.

In spite of that, Cindy and her lover were both shrewd characters. Hence, she would definitely not stay in the monastery for long.

Nevertheless, Arielle was already prepared for Cindy’s return

As she looked out the window and thought about Cindy, the car suddenly came to a stop

Just when she thought they had arrived at the Southall residence, she realized that they were in front of a different mansion.

There was a lake in front of the mansion. Even at night, it was still a beautiful sight to behold.

In Jadeborough, a similar lakeside mansion would cost hundreds of millions. Even then, the lack of availability made it difficult to buy one even if one could afford

Arielle gave Vinson a curious look. “What is this place?”

“My home.” Just as he opened the door, Vinson remarked, “I’m hungry. Make me some ravioli.”

Arielle was stumped.

She was annoyed at Vinson trying to take advantage of her despite how tired she felt.

Knitting her eyebrows, Arielle asked, “Can do it another day? I’m exhausted today. Besides, there’s something else I need to do-”

Raising his eyebrows to make a point, Vinson asserted, “No, you promised me that you will prepare it whenever I want it.”

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